How Sacra uses Driveway for knowledge sharing

When you’re working at a four-person startup, vacation time can be scarce. That’s why Walter Chen and the Sacra team use Driveway to cross-train on their content management system.


Harrison Johnson


Feb 27, 2022

- About:
Private equity & venture capital research reports, 4 employees
- Before:
Walter was on-call anytime someone wanted to update the CMS
- After:
Any member of the Sacra team can access up-to-date how-to guides

Sacra isn’t Walter Chen’s first rodeo. As a three-time founder, he knows that the first rule of startups is anything that can do wrong will go wrong.

When Walter was building the early founding team at Sacra, he knew that good knowledge sharing was going to be key, and that his team would need to embrace new ways of working.

“When I started Sacra, we had huge “bus factor”, meaning if one person was out things could grind to a halt. We spent a lot of time on knowledge sharing.”

One of the most important parts of Sacra’s tech stack is its Content Management System. As a media company, Sacra’s business line depends not only on high-quality content but also on delivering that content to its users reliably.

“Someone would accidentally change a parameter and the whole blog post would break. If you hadn’t set up the system it was really hard to know what was wrong with it.”

That’s why Walter started making how-to guides using Driveway. As a busy CEO, he needed a tool that wasn’t just good at sharing information, but also good at capturing it really quickly.

"With Driveway’s Chrome Extension, I just click a button, do my process, and I have my document. It has screenshots, descriptions of what I click, even any keystrokes I type. It's one of my favorite tools for remote team collaboration.”

Walter chooses to export his Driveway guides to Notion, where the team keeps their knowledge base, for easy knowledge sharing when needed.

“Our CMS releases lots of features - now it’s really easy to update the screenshots now. With Driveway, I know my team is going to have the up-to-date process documentation they need to do their job, no matter what comes up.”

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