Quick Ways to Build an Online Presence for your Brand and Company

Building a brand and an online presence can help foster organic growth for your company. Here are quick ways to do it!


Building a brand and an online presence can help foster organic growth for your company. Here are quick ways to do it!


While social profiles can be fun for personal use, more and more business profiles have built a valuable professional network. Your company's social media can highlight your services and grow your brand image. Find your company's signature style and watch your followers grow.

Here are some basic rules...

- Display unoriginal content (without recognition).
- Clog your followers' feeds with multiple daily posts. 
- Use dated social media trends. 
- Over-edit or over-filter photos. 
- Post Inappropriate or personal photos.  
- Advertise non-factual content.

- Download formatting apps for concise posts (Canva).
- Download apps that help plan future posts (Hoot Suite).
- Actively produce content and interact with other accounts.
- Utilize story, tag, and re-share features.
- Find your account's unique style and run with it!

When using social media, these "Dos" and "Dont’s" should always be kept in mind. However, certain platforms require more specific tips and tricks to create a strong following and build a successful account for your company. When making multiple social media profiles, it is essential to maintain a brand story and brand image. A brand story is an excellent way for clients to understand what motivates your company's mission. Share the origin story behind your company and your ever-growing progress. Include personal style in your brand image that reflects the clients you attract and the types of employees that make your company successful. Keep your brand image consistent across your multiple social media accounts. Let's explore popular social platforms and how to display your company effectively on these specific profiles.  

A successful Instagram starts with an accessible account. When creating a profile, choose a clear and concise profile username with few numbers or characters. Make your company's Instagram public in the profile's settings and specify your profile as a business account. A business account allows you to see 'insights" or statistics on the viewership your content receives. By making your account public, anyone can view your content and see what your business is all about. Instagram stories, which can be viewed on your profile for 24 hours, show exciting day-to-day events or re-shared posts from other profiles. Encourage employees and clients to follow your account to gain a larger audience for your company content. Incorporate employee shout-out posts or promote company events to keep content engaging for all followers. Instagram's Professional Account suite is also great for helping you find ways to widen your reach with new audiences, ads manager through Facebook Business Manager, and for promoted posts.

Twitter is an easy and low-lift way to get in the conversation and engage with your customers and followers. Many brands and businesses use the platform to launch and promote new products and services. Apple, Samsung, and Microsoft also use the platform to resolve customer support issues. In addition, brands make derivative accounts to improve customer experience across their product offerings. One of the few limitations of this platform is that you’re limited to 240 characters per tweet, but you can create threaded tweets to create semi-long-form posts. 

Unlike Instagram and TikTok, LinkedIn is a professional social network. LinkedIn provides users with a feed of relevant content from those in their network. Users can follow your company and view their mutual connections within your network. Companies can also expand their company profile page by adding articles or newsletters to build their reputation and community. LinkedIn also allows employees' profiles to show where they work, increasing recognition. LinkedIn is also an excellent platform for promoting posts, Sponsored Content, and Sponsored InMail. LinkedIn's advertising platform and page manager offer many tools that your marketing team can use to help cost-effectively promote your brand.

TikTok specializes in short videos set to trending songs or original sounds. Fill your account with helpful videos, daily vlogs, and fun facts about your company. Highlight your service and how your product stands out among competitors. Give an inside look at your company's culture, clients, and employees that create your community. TikTok is a great way to reach Gen-Z viewership. Tik Tok is also a great platform to connect with brand influencers that could potentially help promote your brand or company in exchange for a small fee or partnership deal.

Most importantly, keep your brand image strong when working across platforms. Your company has a lot to offer, so make sure to show off your services. Feel free to follow Driveway’s blog and our social media accounts for more tips on strengthening your company’s impact and reaching new customers.