Introducing Driveway

Announcing Driveway’s private beta and platform for learning and development in the future of work.


Chris Schilling


I wouldn’t be writing this if someone hadn’t taken a chance on me early in my career. 

My big break into product management came about a year into my first startup job. I might have only been helping a small team ship an update to an internal tool, but the opportunity to learn new skills at work helped me find my passion and grow with the company.

We all have moments that shape our careers. Maybe yours was learning how to handle a tricky sales objection or pulling up a chair to shadow an experienced teammate. These moments are learning and development in action, helping us advance our knowledge and adapt to change. And in the remote-first future of work, these qualities are only becoming more important.

But while the rise of remote work has unlocked new opportunities for companies and their employees, it has also created new challenges for learning and development. Today, 85% of knowledge workers aren’t satisfied with their employers’ support of their careers, and 60% say they’ve had fewer opportunities for workplace learning since the start of the pandemic.

That's why we're building Driveway. We're reimagining learning and development for the way knowledge work is done today. Our vision is a world where everyone has the guidance they need to realize their full potential at work—from their first week of onboarding and beyond.

What’s holding remote teams back?

Over the past year, we’ve worked with dozens of remote and hybrid teams and interviewed hundreds more. We found that they all struggled to adapt their learning and development practices because of three key problems:

Creating training content is time-consuming.
Asynchronous communication is critical for remote work, but teams rarely have the time to write and maintain training material. As a result, process docs go out of date even faster than code is shipped to production.

Accessing relevant training is hard for employees.
Teams still rely on presentations, messy shared drives, and clunky LMS tools to deliver employee training. These old methods make learning impersonal, inaccessible, and difficult to put into practice.

Employee progress isn't recognized or rewarded.
Learning something new should be celebrated, but proficiency is hard to measure in a remote environment. And when learning achievements are disconnected from career goals, employees become disengaged.

Solving things the Driveway… way

Driveway solves these problems by putting people before content. With Driveway, learning and development are designed for the unique needs of remote teams. Not the other way around.

Create training in seconds
The days of manually writing process docs, editing screenshots, and endless copying and pasting are over. Driveway enables busy remote teams to create training guides automatically while they work. That means less time spent documenting new processes and making updates when things change a few days later.

Deliver learning in contextWe learn best by doing. Driveway brings training when and where it's needed most by transforming the tools teams are already using into immersive learning experiences. That means better engagement, learning that feels like play, and a break from marathon shadowing sessions over Zoom.

Connect learning with career developmentEveryone's career journey is different. Driveway helps remote employees prepare for their next role by putting them in control of the process with personalized learning paths and automated goal tracking. That means your company’s career ladder can finally be as transparent as its org chart.

The road ahead

The pandemic forever changed the way we work. For the past two years, millions of knowledge workers have been fortunate enough to trade their commutes for family time and the freedom to work where and when they want. Many obstacles remain, but it's clear that we aren't going back.

At Driveway, we’re driven by the idea that the future of work can and should be better than what came before. We believe that starts with learning and development that’s more accessible, engaging, and built for remote teams. 

We’re excited to begin accepting teams and individuals into our private beta. If you’re interested in joining early and influencing the direction of Driveway, sign up here for access.

This is just the very beginning of our journey—we hope you’ll join us.