How to use Notion: Create a Teamspace

Looking to improve team collaboration and productivity? Learn how to create a Teamspace in Notion with our step-by-step guide.


Chrissy DiBrigida


Whether your company is remote, hybrid, or in-person, we can all agree that online workspaces are critical for productive collaboration.

‍Notion is an organizational tool that allows you to keep your team's information and tools in the same place in a workplace, but they just released a feature that allows you to make a teamspace as well. Let's check it out!

This means assignments, schedules and documents can be controlled in one area instead of scattered across different applications without rhyme or reason. The best part is that Notion makes it easy for everyone on your team to access a teamspace, no matter where they are or what device they use. Sounds like something your organization needs? We thought so. Here's how you can create a Teamspace in Notion:

How to create a Teamspace in Notion

While the organizational upsides of teamspaces may be obvious, remember that teamspaces also give employees a canvas to express their thoughts and ideas. 

1. Navigate to your sidebar and click All Teamspaces, then press new teamspace.

2. Give it a name. This name will appear at the top of your screen while working in this space, so make sure it's meaningful and easy to remember!

3. Add team members who will be part of this project (if you haven't already added them), or invite new people if necessary. Before joining your teamspaces, team members must have their own Notion account.

How to make a dashboard for your Teamspace

1. Create a database of your team's tasks

While building your team's workspace, first create an efficient task management system. Achieve this in Notion by creating a database where you and your team can add tasks and files related to the project.
- To get started, go to the menu bar at the top of the page.
- Then type /database and a list of database layouts will appear. For tasks, we suggest selecting Board View
- Then click an existing page to insert to your database or click New Database 
- Once your board is created, you can create new tasks, assign team members to tasks and update the progress of your tasks

2. Create a database for documents and files.

Documents and files are easily disheveled so create a database so important information never gets lost or disorganized again! To create a database for documents and files:
- Again, type /database and select the format you would like to use. We recommend List View as it creates a list of pages that can act as folders for documents and files.
- Upload an existing database or create a new one
- Name your database 
- Name your pages and start filling them with documents and files 
- Now you have a new database for your dashboard!

3. Link your database to your dashboard 

Now that your databases are made, it's time to build your dashboard. To do this type /linkedviewofdatabase and select your desired databases. Now your database information will appear. Here we linked a board view database for TikTok content ideas!

4. Share your Teamspace

Once you've created your Teamspace, you can share it with other users by inviting them to the Teamspace.

To do this, go to the Settings tab in Notion (this is the gear icon located on your home screen) and then click Invite team members.

The next window will show all of your colleagues who already use Notion and don't have any shared spaces yet. You'll also see a "Suggested people" section where we've displayed names of contacts that might be good candidates for joining this Teamspace. Here are other ways to invite members to the Teamspace:

- Share a link to the Teamspace with people outside of Notion.
- Share a link to a specific dashboard within your Teamspace.
- Share a link to a specific database within your Teamspace.

Now, watch as your seamless Teamspace transforms productivity and workflow for your team, and check out our blog for more tips and tricks to streamline your Notion experience.