How to use Hubspot: Active Lists

Looking for examples of smart Hubspot lists that use properties to filter contacts? Here's how to add contacts to an active list in Hubspot and how to up your Hubspot email game.


Chrissy DiBrigida


Let's say you want a list of contacts with a certain job title.

If you want this list to:
- add new contacts with certain job titles as they get added to Hubspot
- remove any contacts you have already contacted

Then this is the perfect blog post for you.

How to create an Active List in Hubspot

How to create an Active List in Hubspot
A step-by-step guide on creating an active list in HubSpot of all the contacts with certain job titles that you haven't reached out to yet.

1: Click “Create list” 
2: Type into the “List name” text field
3: Click the “Next” button
4: Click the “Add filter” button
5: Click the “Contact properties” button
6: Search in the “Search” search box
7: Click the “Job title” button
8: Click the "contains any of" button
9: Type in the job titles you'd like included in this active list 
10: Select an option in the “Enter value” drop-down menu
11: Click the “Add filter” button
12: Search in the “Select a filter category” search box
13: Click the “Contact properties” button
14: Search in the “Search” search box
15: Search for "Last contacted"
16: Click the “is equal to” button and set to "unknown"
17: Click the “Save list” button. Search for the contact you want to merge

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