How to use Asana to manage your Teams, Tasks, and Projects

Want to use Asana effectively? Check out this guide for how to delete a team or project, make tasks recurring or turn them into sub-tasks, and how to use power features like dependencies and templates.


Chrissy DiBrigida


Asana is an all-in-one project management tool for everything your team needs to accomplish.

You can manage projects, milestones, create dependencies, and even recurring tasks.

This blog post will start with some basics to get you started:
- How to email tasks to your Asana project
- How to create a template based on your Asana project

Emailing tasks into your Asana project is a great way to integrate Asana into your existing workflows and tools.

For example - you could set up email forwarding so that every time you get an email notification from a certain tool, it becomes an Asana task.

Ready to get started?

Here's how to email tasks to your Asana project:

1. To start emailing tasks to your Asana project, first your workspace in the "Projects" tab.

2. Click the (v) arrow in the top of the screen next to your Project's name

3. Select "Import", then select "Email"

4. Copy the email address you see. Keep in mind this email address is specific to your project.

5. Lastly, if you want to set up email forwarding, here's a guide on how to do that too.

Let's say you've created an Asana project that you're happy with - and now you want your team to use it to.

With Asana, you can easily create templates of tasks and projects to save yourself and your team time.

Here's how to use Templates in Asana:

1. First, select the Project you would like to turn into a template

2. Click the (v) dropdown next to your Project's name

3. Select "Save as template"

4. Give your template a name, select a team for it, and your privacy settings

5. Click "Create template"

Want more Asana tips and tricks?

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