How to Turn a Screenshot into a PDF or PNG on Mac, Windows 10 & Word 2023

Want to turn your screenshots into neat PDF files? Try Driveway for a faster and neater way to take and convert pesky screenshots into PDF and PNG files.


Chrissy DiBrigida


Screenshots are a powerful tool for communication and documentation. They allow you to capture a specific image of what you see on your screen, which can be used to share information, troubleshoot problems, or simply create a visual record of your work.

Screenshots can be used in a variety of ways, including:

  • Sharing information with others: Screenshots can be used to share information with others in a clear and concise way. For example, you could use a screenshot to show a colleague how to perform a specific task on a computer, or to share a funny or interesting thing you saw online.

  • Troubleshooting problems: Screenshots can be used to troubleshoot problems by providing a visual record of the issue. For example, if you're having trouble with a software program, you could take a screenshot of the error message you're receiving and send it to the developer for help.

  • Documenting your work: Screenshots can be used to document your work by providing a visual record of your progress. For example, you could take screenshots of different stages of a project to show your manager or client, or to create a portfolio of your work.

While takings screenshot requires one simple command, it can be difficult to transform screenshots or multiple screenshots into one PDF file.

With the help of Driveway's screen grabbing capabilities, you take multiple high resolution screenshots of your screen that can be compiled into one PDF file with ease! Here's how to do it for FREE:

Step One: Taking a Screenshot 📸

1. First, sign-up for Driveway here to use our screenshot tool. 
2. Next, turn on Driveway’s Chrome Extension to capture your screen.
3. Click Finish and open your Driveway guide with your screenshots.

Step Two: Converting your Screenshot to PDF 📝

Conclusion ✅

We hope you found a better way to convert screenshots to PDF with our tool. By taking screenshots you can capture information on your screen for data collection, guidance, documentation and more!

If you are interested in the full capabilities of Driveway, check out our feature offerings here.