How SaaS Sales Teams Set Up Sequences In Hubspot

Email sequences can streamline your SaaS sales prospecting. Want to learn how to set them up in HubSpot? Our latest blog post has got you covered. Read now and start driving conversions with Driveway.


Harrison Johnson


What is a Hubspot Workflow vs Hubspot Sequence?

The short answer is Sequences are for Sales and Workflows are for Marketing.Hubspot gives you different abilities depending on whether or not you are sending Sales Emails or Marketing Emails.Specifically, you won’t be able to automatically trigger Cold Sales Emails, or start a Sequence for a contact, in an automated way.

Instead, you’ll have to add a contact to a List so that they are enrolled in a Sequence (more on that later).You might be thinking - why not do a Workflow then? It’s a good question - you could use Workflows to send Sales Emails like a Sequence - but in order to use either feature, you still need licenses to Marketing Professional and Sales Hub respectively.

The best answer I can give on when to use a Sequence instead of a Workflow for Sales Emails is when you want to compare results across multiple versions. The Sequences homepage has a new “Analyze” tab that lets you see results for open rate, click-through rate, and reply rate across all your Sequences.

For that reason, I like to think of my Workflow as an automated email campaign every user goes through, and I like to think of Sequences as an automated email campaign some groups of users go through sometimes.

How to make a sequence in Hubspot

This walkthrough will help you find Hubspot's template for a "Prospecting" email campaign. This email campaign is best suited for contacts who have recently become sales qualified and are ready to be contacted. After this guide, we'll show you how to create an "Active List" that lets you add these contacts to.

How to make an active list vs a static list in Hubspot

This walkthrough will show you how to make an "Active" list in Hubspot. The difference between an Active list and a Static list is that an Active list will be dynamically updated. This means that as contacts meet the criteria they'll be enrolled in this sequence. For example, this walkthrough will enroll a contact into this sequence if it is marked as a sales qualified lead after today.