How to Create a Product Demo Video for your SaaS

Learn how to captivate users and win customers with captivating product demo videos. Demo videos are an effective way to show off your products capabilities in the short amount of time you get with prospects and visitors to your website.


Chrissy DiBrigida


Nov 7, 2023

Product demos have revolutionized the way we sell SaaS. For PLG companies, interactive product demos allow customers to test drive your product before they buy. Product demo video are also a great way to do this, as they can quickly and effectively communicate the features of your product in a visually appealing way.

In this article, we'll break down why product demos videos are important and how to start creating them with the right tools.

Benefits of using product demo videos

Product demo videos offer a range of advantages for Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) products. By creating an engaging visual representation of a product, businesses can effectively communicate its value and demonstrate how customers can use it. This kind of visual communication is proven to be more effective in drawing in customers than simply reading about product updates. In fact, interactive content sees 52.6% higher engagement than static content.

One major benefit of using product demo videos is that they are far more cost-effective to explain feature updates compared to traditional methods such as live updates with customers.

How to create a product demo video

To create a product demo with video, you can use some of the tools we recommend below.

Or you can use a third-party video tool, like Driveway, that will capture screenshots of your product and turn it into a multimedia demo with customized text descriptions and tool-tips that can exported as a video or embedded in your website.

1. First, sign-up for Driveway here to use our product demo tool. 
2. Next, turn on Driveway’s Chrome Extension to capture your screen.
3. Click Finish and open your Driveway demo!

Now it's time to customize your demo and export to video. Follow the step-by-step guides below to do this:

How to export your product demo to video

Upload a video step to your demo

More product demo to video tools

Creating a professional product demo video can seem daunting, but luckily there are tools available that make the process easier. Here's a few we recommend:

Loom: Loom is a free screen recording tool that allows users to record their screen and camera with one click. Recordings can be shared instantly with a link, and viewers can watch them at their own pace. Loom is a great tool for communicating ideas and feedback, creating stronger business relationships, leading creative discussions, and building connections.

Vidyard: Vidyard is a video creation and marketing platform that helps businesses create, manage, and distribute videos. Vidyard's platform includes a variety of features, such as a built-in video editor, social media sharing tools, and analytics. Vidyard is a great tool for businesses that want to use video to reach a wider audience and achieve their marketing goals.

Descript: Descript is a transcription and editing tool for videos. Descript uses artificial intelligence (AI) to transcribe videos automatically, and then allows users to edit the transcription like they would a text document. Descript is a great tool for anyone who wants to edit their videos without having to learn complex video editing software.

Steps to create a professional product demo video

The key to a successful product demo video is breaking down the process into manageable steps. Here are six steps we recommend to start creating an engaging and effective product demo video for your SaaS:

1. Define Your Goals - Before beginning, it's important to define what you want your product demo video to achieve. Are you looking for ways to showcase features? Explain a complex process? Introduce new products or services? Make sure that you create measurable goals, as this will help guide the rest of the project.

2. Outline Content - You should also begin by outlining the content of your product demo video, such as topics, messages and visuals that will be included. This will ensure that your final product stays focused and on-topic throughout. It's also important to consider who will be watching - are they familiar with your SaaS or is this their first encounter?

3. Decide On Format - Once you know what content you want to include, decide on a format for presenting it in the most effective way possible. Should it follow a linear approach so viewers can easily skip ahead or backward if needed? Or should it have interactive elements such as questionnaires and quizzes so viewers can interact with the video while learning more about your SaaS?

4. Gather Materials & Resources - Once you've decided on a format for your product demo video, gather any materials or resources necessary for creating it such as stock footage or audio clips from royalty-free sites like iStockphoto or AudioJungle. If using Driveway, make sure that all assets used are compatible with their platform before beginning production.

5. Create Video With Professional Tool - Now comes the fun part! Utilizing a professional tool like Driveway makes creating videos easy and efficient, allowing users access to powerful features without having to worry about coding knowledge or design expertise – perfect for non-technical teams! Simply select from pre-built templates or create custom ones from scratch then drag & drop assets onto each slide before adding transitions, animations and other interactive elements like polls or quizzes for viewers to engage with while watching

6. Test & Publish - Don't forget to test out your finished product before publishing! Check that everything looks good across different browsers and devices, as well as ensuring there isn't anything left out (such as calls-to-action at the end). Then publish on social media (especially YouTube) and other platforms where customers can quickly find information about your SaaS offering!

Using Driveway to create a professional product demo video

Creating a professional product demo video with Driveway is a streamlined process. Craft interactive and captivating demos that can be exported to video with ease. After capturing your product, Driveway helps you edit demos with titles, descriptions, voiceovers and more! Export demos to PDF, PNG, video, markdown and html with custom logos and branding.

In summary, Driveway makes it easy for companies of all sizes to create professional product demo videos quickly and efficiently while providing view count so you can see how others interact with your multi-media demos. Making Driveway an invaluable asset for any organization looking for higher returns on investment from their marketing initiatives.

Try Driveway today and start building your interactive demos with the help of our chrome extension!

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Help your users navigate to success with sharable step-by-step guides, demos, and walkthroughs.