How to Build your Blog With Ai Powered by Writer

Writer, an AI-powered writing assistant that can help you create high-quality blog posts in minutes. Writer's Blog Builder easily brainstorm ideas, creates an outline and writes engaging content that will keep your readers coming back for more.


Chrissy DiBrigida


Looking for an AI powered writing assistant that helps you create high-quality blog posts in minutes?

Writer’s Blog Post Builder leverages generative AI to streamline your blog content creation process.

Writer's Blog Builder easily brainstorms ideas, creates outlines and writes content that will keep your content funnel moving faster than ever.

1.   Click “Drafts” in the right toolbar on your Writer homepage.
2.  Click "Start with Templates"
3.  Select "Blog Post Builder"
4.  Create a Blog Title
5.  Or, click "Generate similar titles" button (optional)
6.  Add SEO Keywords
7.  Add Call-To-Action (optional)
8.  Click "Next: The outline"
9.  Add, remove or generate new sections of the outline (optional)
10. Click “Next: Key points”
11.  Add, remove, or generate new Key points (optional)
12. Click “Generate new draft”
13. Click “Use this draft”

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