How SellX Ramped Up Reps Faster with Driveway

Ongoing learning stopped scaling naturally once SellX grew to 25 sales reps. Driveway saved SellX ~1 month of ramp time for future reps.


Harrison Johnson


Candace, the Vice President of Learning & Enablement at SellX, recognized a recurring set of challenges affecting individuals and organizations alike that inspired her to pursue a career in Learning & Enablement. 

She saw that employees would often not receive proper onboarding experiences and even when they did, the transition to ongoing learning opportunities lacked support, creating performance gaps.

The Challenge at SellX: Scaling Ongoing Learning

SellX's team of 25 Sales People has onboarding programs, but knew revenue teams don't just learn once, and all learn differently - she needed an environment that allows for “ever-boarding”.

Before assessing or considering an LMS or LXP, Candace analyzed her key training areas and how she could scale them. She came to the conclusion that she needed a solution that would:

  • Create alignment between teams as processes updated

  • Drive better CRM hygiene, and help measure and close performance gaps

  • Offer training that was accessible to all learners, but not overly academic

  • Give SellX a learning foundation but allow them to be agile and adapt

The Solution: Driveway's User-Friendly Digital Adoption Platform

When Candace saw how user-friendly and accessible Driveway was, she felt confident she could achieve her learning goals.

Because Driveway was simple enough that anyone could use it, Candace was able to build a roster of teachers, coaches, and subject-matter experts to build out their content library Driveway’s Chrome Extension made it easy to keep content up-to-date and bridge the gap between onboarding and continuous learning.

By scaling her content development efforts, she was able to make product tours and walkthroughs so that clients & sales reps could learn by doing and eventually achieve skill mastery of their platform.

Driveway not only helped build an enablement bridge to the Sales team, but also to all the other departments in her organization through easier documentation of processes + SOP’s.

"Driveway made it easy to build content and scale a learning library for our platform. It’s so simple that every rep was able to build their our own walkthrough of our platform. As we built, we learned."

Results: 1 month saved in ramp-time

Driveway’s inclusive and accessible Chrome Extension helped reduce the friction to get team members to start building and documenting processes.

Despite busy department leaders and competing goals, Driveway’s easy-to-make interactive walkthroughs were able to:

  • Help the sales team build confidence in their knowledge of SellX’s platform

  • Drive process change towards more documentation and better process compliance

  • Improve sales CRM hygiene by delivering quick answers to “how to” and “where to”

  • Speed up sales person ramp by 1-month per person

Improve your sales team's onboarding, learning, and process compliance with Driveway's user-friendly Chrome Extension. VP of Learning & Enablement at SellX, Candace, achieved success by using Driveway's accessible platform to bridge the gap between onboarding and continuous learning, speed up sales ramp time, and drive process change.

With Driveway, your sales team can access a library of product tours and walkthroughs to learn by doing, improve sales CRM hygiene, and build confidence in their knowledge of your platform.

To see how Driveway can help your organization achieve your learning and enablement goals, schedule a demo with us today.