Free SaaS Tools To Bootstrap Growth Marketing, Customer Success Management, and Employee Training


Chrissy DiBrigida


Aug 4, 2022

Free SaaS Tools To Bootstrap Growth Marketing, Customer Success Management, and Employee Training

Maybe your startup was a hobby, a side project, "something I'll work on during my free time". Now your business is gaining traction, signing users, and ​​becoming a company that is too big for you to handle.

When solo venturing or working with a small team, look to bootstrap the key functions you need to scale your business with free SaaS tools.

From onboarding to SEO optimization and everything in between, try these Saas tools to kickstart your startup.

Growth Marketing - Marketing Sites

No coding abilities? No problem with free website builders that help you create, design, and customize your startup's site. Give curious customers a way to check out your service while promoting your business and check out our post about Quick Ways to Build an Online Presence for your Brand and Company.


When building your Wix website, choose between 800+ customizable templates that fit your brand theme. Drag-and-drop features allow free range over the design of your website. Upload your photos and customize Wix's free domain to define your brand. Although Wix's free plan prohibits users from selling products through their site and maxes storage at 500MB, the software's customization features remain unmatched. 


GoDaddy's builder tool asks users about their brand to generate the ideal site for your service. Users can change colors, fonts, text, themes, and icons to add a personal touch. Godaddy's Mobile Editor View shows builders their site from the lens of a mobile device to ensure images and icons remain their integrity. In GoDaddy's 'Get Found by Google' setting tab, answer a few questions to strengthen your website's language and optimize SEO.

Growth Marketing - SEO

Avoid competitor content burying your new website. Instead, use SEO services to optimize your online presence with keywords and backlinks to increase your company's Google search rank. Simplify SEO with these free SaaS tools and watch your company become visible to internet searches. 

Google Analytics 

Google's free SaaS tool is essential for tracking your company's web traffic. With Google analytics, discover your site pages that experience the most viewership. Google Analytics helps gauge your online presence and viewer interest. Fill holes in content by tracking how long viewers stay on each page and which topics create the most buzz. While Google Analytics provides a premium version, the wide variety of free features requires little need to upgrade. 


Moz is best used for marketing teams to streamline your site and drive viewer traffic. In-depth keyword search features help discover back-linking opportunities. Moz works beyond your domain to find outside companies linking to your site and tracks keyword rankings based on web searches. Moz's free application is worthwhile, but for companies looking to upgrade, there is a paid option called Mozscape starting at $99 per month.

Customer Success Management- Helpdesk

Customer questions start to flow in, and you need a helpdesk to manage your clients. Your startup's flexibility in addressing customer concerns is crucial to keeping clients satisfied and confident in your business. SaaS help desk tools will juggle customer service responsibilities for your company. 


Hubspot's Service Hub software is lesser known than its marketing and sales tools but just as effective. With a shared inbox and reporting capabilities, satisfaction surveys, and a buildable knowledge base, Hubspot provides the ultimate free SaaS help desk. The service hub also connects to Hubspot CRM accounts for optimized customer service insight to help your Customer Success team upsell and cross sell. 


Freshdesk ables users to answer email and social conversations within a single inbox. Questions on your company's Facebook and Twitter pages will not go unnoticed, as Freshdesk identifies activity and reports findings to your inbox. Freshdesk also aggregates FAQ content to display on your company website or use for greater customer insight. 

Employee Training - Onboarding

Congratulations, your team is growing, and you are bringing on employees to grow your business. However, creating an effective onboarding program can be tricky, and you don't have time to walk new hires through every software and feature your company uses. With free SaaS onboarding tools, your hiring experience will become streamlined, and employees will feel confident in their roles. 


Without an in-person office and direct contact with superiors, new hires can become discouraged by the learning curves of the onboarding process. Due to a startup's fast-paced environment, your company needs to integrate new employees quickly and effectively without compromising purpose and belonging.

Driveway's free Chrome extension software automatically creates, edits, and shares interactive how-to guides for processes new hires need to know. Once downloaded, Driveway captures your workflow and makes a customizable step-by-step guide with screenshots and descriptions. Install Driveway’s Chrome Extension to edit and export guides to tools like Notion, Google Docs, and nearly all the softwares mentioned here.


Thanks to AI learning software, Obie provides employees with a responsive chatbot to guide new hires through everyday business practices. Obie unites with other applications like Slack, Google Docs, and Dropbox to provide help when employees start to navigate new software services. With the use of Obie's answering ability, new hires will gain confidence in their role and rely less on other employees for help. Obie currently includes a free browser extension with premium tiers ranging from $59-$699 per month. 

Bonus! - Communication

Your network is growing, and you need a one-stop shop to communicate with your employees, clients, and investors. In a remote working environment, communication tools ensure every employee is doing their part, and every customer is being heard. Check out SaaS communication tools to keep your company's network connected.


Slack's messaging platform serves as an interface for companies to communicate about all aspects of their operations. Users can create custom Channels, each pertaining to a different division of your company. Slack also allows users to "@" specific team members for questions or opinions on ideas. Complimentary Slack workspaces have up to 5GB of storage available, while Slack's ProPlan is $6.67-8 per active user per month with added features. 


Zoom's video conferencing software allows you to connect with your network from any location - all you need is wifi. Zoom offers virtual meetings, chat, phone, online events, and webinars. With scheduling capabilities, Zoom sends your meeting link directly to your network via email or text. Within Zoom meetings, participants can join break-out rooms, engage with the chatbox or even change their virtual background for more privacy. Zoom's free conference calls max out at 40 minutes, whereas premium packages provide unlimited time ranging from $14.99 to $19.99 per host per month. 

Bonus! - Project Management

Wow, your company is growing fast, and you are overwhelmed with responsibilities. Collecting your employees in the conference room and delegating assignments would be best. Unfortunately, you don't have a conference room or even an office, or maybe you don't have any employees. Find relief in SaaS project management tools that help aggregate and organize your assignments and help remote teams collaborate on group projects. 


Asana organizes assignments and collects a team's work in one shared space. With collaboration technology, teams can feel like they are in the same room while working remotely. Asana's List View feature prioritizes tasks and displays when assignments are due for greater project clarity. With the Timeline and Boards feature, Asana ensures that tasks are completed on time by segmenting projects into stages for user guidance from start to finish. Asana's free plan includes unlimited projects with up to 100MB of storage per file and 15 team members. 


Kanban boards visually depict projects at their unique stages and is a widely used organizational technique. Trello has transformed this in-office practice into a list-making application that manages work assignments. On Trello boards, users can place cards under relevant project information and progress. Trello has built-in automation that handles tedious organizational tasks and promotes efficient work. Want to check out Trello? Access 10MB per file, unlimited users, and ten boards per workspace with Trello's free subscription.


Notion is a productivity tool that helps remote, hybrid and in-person companies revolutionize their workflow. Check out our blog post Getting Started with Notion for more information!

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