Driveway Acquired By Chameleon to join to continue driving Product Adoption


Harrison Johnson


We founded Driveway in the midst of the pandemic so that we could help remote employees ramp up faster at work.

Energized by this problem, our team took on a bold mission of helping employees everywhere navigate their digital worlds. Along the way we met some amazing customers, team members, and investors.

Although we found a loyal group of users, we underestimated how hard this problem is to solve, how strong our competition would be, and how quickly the macroeconomic environment would change. 

For those reasons, we began a process of seeking a home for our tech and our team - one that embodied our mission and our values, that would help catapult us towards our vision, while still providing a good experience to Driveway's customers.

When we met Pulkit, Brian, Shannon, and the rest of the team at Chameleon - we knew that they had built something special.

Not just a fully remote team of wonderful people - but an incredibly powerful product - one we admired from afar and are excited to join forces with to help everyone have better experiences navigating digital products.

All customers will have continued access to their Driveway accounts for the foreseeable future.

I will be joining Chameleon as a Product Lead and will continue to support Driveway's product. Chris will be joining Forerunner as their Head of Product - helping flood-risk communities everywhere get better access to data.

A big thank you to the customers, investors, friends, and family who supported us.

-Harrison & Chris